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Friday, September 19, 2014

Flashback Friday 41: Husky Hugs!

This little gem is a flashback to eight years ago of my daughter with her baby Harley when she was just a year old! My, oh my, where does the time go?

“Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned a dog.”  
~Author Unknown

We sure hope you will join us once again in our weekly strolls down Memory Lane with our FiveSibes Flashback Friday Blog Hops! Grab our badge, leave us a comment, hook up to our Linkys' list, and show us your favorite Flashback!

To catch up on past FiveSibes Flashback Fridays, visit us here: 

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September is Disaster Preparedness Month ~ Are You and Your Pets Prepared? Tune in for the ASPCA's Google+ Hangout Hosted by Ginger Zee of "Good Morning America"

Wolf and the FiveSibes ask, "Do you have a plan?"

No one wants to think about something as horrific and scary as a disaster, ranging from fires to floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tropical storms, lightning storms, explosions, and other accidents that may involve your pets. But we have to ask: Do you have an exit strategy? What if something happens and you cannot get home to your pet, do you have a designated caregiver? Do you have an emergency evacuation plan in place? How about an emergency kit? A list of pet-friendly shelters you and your family can go to? Do you have a water and food supply? Are your pets collars and leashes ready to go? What about if your pet has special needs and medications? While we hope we never have to initiate a Pet Disaster Preparedness Plan or ever use an Emergency Kit, it is such an important subject and one we would like to address in partnership with the ASPCA for September's Disaster Preparedness Month, and all year long.

Gibson checks the flashlight batteries.

“Emergencies come in many forms, and they may require anything from a brief absence from your home to permanent evacuation. Each type of disaster requires different measures to keep your pets safe. The best thing you can do for yourself and your pets is to be prepared.”

In an effort to help promote pet disaster preparedness, the ASPCA is bringing together various disaster experts for a Google+ Hangout “…to talk about how to prepare for disasters with pets.”  This virtual event will take place this Thursday, September 18th at 7pm EST and it will be moderated by "Good Morning America’s" weather anchor Ginger Zee, featuring  experts from ASPCA, FEMA, and USDA, as well as special animal guests who were disaster survivors. And you are invited to come "hangout" for this very important and informative online event! Follow this link to find out more and to RSVP:

Harley and Bandit check the phone contacts.

In the meantime...
  1. Be sure your pet is microchipped and that the information on file with the microchip company and your veterinarian office is up to date.
  2. Get your FREE ASPCA Pet Rescue Alert Window Cling HERE.  
  3. Download the ASPCA mobile app HERE  to: 
  • Access critical advice on what to do with your pet before, during, and after a major storm—even if there’s no data connectivity.
  • Store and manage your pet’s critical health records.

  • Receive a personalized missing pet recovery kit, including step-by-step instructions on how to search for a lost animal in a variety of circumstances.
  • Build a lost pet digital flyer that can be shared instantly on your social media channels.
  • Get the latest and most relevant news about pets and animal welfare.


Bandit calls the microchip company to verify correct info.

For more information on how you can be prepared, please visit and be sure to come "hang out" on Google+ HERE this Thursday, September 18th from 7 to 8 PM EST with the ASPCA and Ginger Zee of "Good Morning America!"
See you there!

*** 9/18 SHOW UPDATE***

In case you missed this "hangout" live, here's the video so you can tune in any time for excellent tips.


Chloe, Wolf, and Harley say, "We've got an Emergency Kit and plan all ready."

Friday, September 12, 2014

Epilepsy Discussion Time! Survey on Solar Flares and Atmospheric Changes. Let's Talk!

My sweet Epi-boy Gibson enjoying his new bed (that is perfectly Gibson-sized) from some dear friends ~ furangel Malachi Suthard (who was a fellow Epi-dog) ~ his wonderfully thoughtful parents Jim & Miedo. 

Gibbie had a bit of a rough night Wednesday night getting sick (vomiting immediately after eating, being unsettled, and chronic panting even in the a/c) and today he enjoyed relaxing in my home office in the a/c in comfort on his palatial bed! He sends his heartfelt woos to Malachi's family. 

My daughter sent me a link to the upcoming solar flares, and one of the articles noted that one occurred...Wednesday night! This led me to thinking...

*Calling All Epi-Dog (Canine Epileptic) Parents for Some Discussion Time!*

I know some other Epi-guardians have mentioned the recent occurrence of solar flares and atmospheric conditions as having possible effects on their Epi-dogs. One reportedly occurred (Wednesday, September 10). So here is my discussion topic: has anyone noticed any change of behaviors in their seizure dog during those times? What about weather changes? Storms? Full moons? If so, what were the symptoms? 

To answer, please visit our Survey HERE and give us your answers and we will share with everyone once they have been compiled. Thank you in advance!

For me - and maybe it's coincidental - but Wednesday night was when Gibson experienced symptoms he has not had in a long time. As I stated above, he became sick, vomited, was unsettled, and chronic panting (in the a/c). Now, according to The Weather Channel report, "An extreme solar flare is heading toward Earth," and according to CBS News, "A G3 (Strong) Geomagnetic Storm Watch has been issued for September 13th." What I'm curious about is if there is any correlation with effects on seizure dogs. Thoughts? Experiences? Let's hear! Just fill out our simple survey!

Results will be shared with everyone at a later date, AND...very exciting news...I've just heard that my resulting information may be used in a future study at a renowned U.S. veterinary college! Another possible giant step for Epi-dogs!

To read The Weather Channel article about the solar flares, visit HERE: and to read the CBS News article, visit HERE.

And may the only effects of the solar flares be a beautiful show of lights in the sky while all our Epi-dogs sleep peacefully undisturbed.

* * * * *
 Handsome Malachi snoozing in his favorite fluffy bed like the one his parents sent Gib. Sweet Malachi journeyed North of the Rainbow Bridge this past July.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembering 9/11: Thirteen Years Later

 "I walked out of the Trade Center that first night with more respect than I'd ever had for (Bear). And I respected him more than anybody I know. I knew that I could always count on  him. Every few years we need to remember that dogs are a man's best friend. And that they talk to us. They tell us what they need, but they also tell us what we need. And they'll protect us. And sometimes keep us safe." ~Captain Scott Shields, Handler of 9/11 SAR Dog "Bear"

Thirteen years ago. 

Babies are now teenagers. Children are now adults. The new Freedom Tower stands at One World Trade Center. A museum has been built and is now filled with moments frozen in time honoring all those we lost, as memories will always fill the hearts of the families and friends of the victims lost on September 11, 2001. Among the heroes that day and the days following, are the four-legged ones: Search-And-Rescue (SAR) dogs who reported dutifully to the scene with their handlers and worked tirelessly doing the job they were trained to do. Today's blog post is a tribute to those amazing canines, their handlers, as well as all the first responders and volunteers who worked tirelessly in the effort to help others. We will always remember.

See SAR Dog "Bear" at work:
The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF)Wants Your Story!
According to their website, "Each September, SDF honors America's First Responders and renews our commitment to these heroes. Join us and take part in this time of recognition and remembrance by telling us what our nation's firefighters, paramedics, police officers, and rescue workers mean to YOU at "

The National Disaster Search Dog Founation states on their website, "The Canine Memorial is at the heart of SDF’s National Training Center—a place to reflect, remember, and honor the heroic canines who gave a lifetime of service to their community and country. It is a place where the dogs’ handlers, the volunteers who recruited them, and their Guardians, Sponsors and supporters, can honor the memory of their very special canines. These dogs are the heart and soul of the Search. When they pass over the Rainbow Bridge, we are committed to honoring their legacy. Starting on September 10th, we will light up the Canine Memorial for 24 hours—our way of saying, “We Have Not Forgotten.”

From all of us here from the FiveSibes Family, a heartfelt "Thank You" to all the first responders, SAR dogs, and their handlers for all the work, commitment, and dedication to help others. 
We will never forget.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Tricky Tongue-Out-Tuesday!

Gibson and his pal "Odie"in an ode to 
Wait...whose tongue is that?  
(Did you have to do a double-take?! I did when I saw this!)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cash is Waiting For You...

"Wooo! My name is Cash...and I'm waiting for you! Aren't I cutie? If you love Siberian  Huskies, are familiar with our breed (yes, we can be tricky little Huskies), have time, love, and, energy to spare...I'm just the boy for you!"

Just like "the man in black" Johnny Cash, which is who Cash was named after, he has a story to tell, too! Maybe there will be a song written about him! Now wouldn't that be cool...and if one of you wonderful folks would foster or adopt him, we can give his song a happy ending! And you can help...even if you can't foster or adopt Cash, you can share his story! And as our motto here at the FiveSibes has always been:

A little about Cash...he's just a pup - about a year young - and would love a family of his own to play with and grow up with. He was rescued from the North Carolina heat, where he was chained up short, many times without food or water. His fur was matted, flea-infested, and burned but since his rescue, he's been to the vet and been shaved to help heal. He has also been tested for heartworm (negative!) and is now on heartworm and flea preventatives. 

When Cash was rescued.
Cash's rescuer, Brett, is trying to help him find a foster home or even better, a forever home (you can read all about it a little later on in this post). His (p)awesome rescuer says he will "take care of any vet care and food, etc. if you an provide Cash a safe, loving foster home with a fully fenced in yard from which he cannot escape." Or a permanent home would be even better! Brett is returning back home later this month to Los Angeles, California, and he will be flying Cash out there with him. So it does not matter where you live, if you'd like to welcome this beautiful pup into your home, drop Brett an Email! Please be familiar with the Husky breed, as we said earlier, Huskies can be tricky, they love to run, and are great Houdini dogs. 

Help write Cash's happy ending!

Here's a flyer that shows all of Cash's "before" and "now" pics and his story to date. (Thanks to fellow Blogger "Savannah's Paw Tracks" for taking the lead on networking this beautiful boy, for creating the poster below, and for asking us to join in the networking of this sweet Husky pup. According to Savannah, Rescuer Brett has also said he will cover expenses for Cash's "transport to any foster or appropriate permanent home!" Isn't he wonderful?! If you would like to know more about Cash or find out how you can foster/adopt him, please contact my rescuer by email: and be sure to tell him the FiveSibes sent you over! And please, feel free to share the following flyer with everyone you know who would love a Husky pup! 

These posters can also be printed. Here's a link to the pdf file: 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's Back to School Time! Some Tips to Help Your Pet Adjust to the New Schedule!

Back-to-School season is here! Even though summer
Backpack's on - Bandit's ready to go!
is not officially over in many areas for another few weeks, it's time for alarm clocks, homework, and after-school activities. After spending all summer together playing and lazing around the yard, the excitement of back-to-school can translate into stress for our family pets. To help pets adjust to the sudden empty-house syndrome, try preparing them a few days before if you can. Here are just a few tips to help make the transition a bit smoother:

"I don't want to get up early!"
  • Let  your dog escort your child with you to the bus stop, the corner, or ride along in the car if you drive your child to school.
  • Keep the mood upbeat. We know how dogs pick up on our moods and energies.
  • Let your children tell
    their furbaby that they will be back after school to play. They really do understand.
  • Let the radio or TV play while everyone is away so your dog hears voices and doesn’t feel alone.  
  • Call in from the office periodically to leave happy voice messages for your dog who is now home alone.
    "I'm fine Mom. I love you, too."
  • Treat your canine to a "doggie" snack when your child has his/her after-school snack. After all, who doesn’t bond well when food is involved!
  • Let your child read/study with the dog nearby.
    Time to study!
  • If your child moves away for college and your house is now an empty nest, you will need to fill the lonely spot your family dog will naturally feel. Some additional hugs, kisses, and extra evening walks will work wonders. There’s no better cure for the blues (for both human and canine) than spending some time together!  
  • Hit up your local dog park for some extra socialization. 
  • Consider bringing another pet into the house for your furbaby’s companion. Or if you can’t, why not foster a dog from a nearby shelter or rescue and bring him/her home for some visits and company with your furkid. It will be greatly beneficial to both! 
  • With the kids back in school, it may be a great time to consider enrolling your dog in school! If you've been thinking about puppy kindergarten, behavior classes, agility lessons, or getting your dog certified as a therpay dog, this is the perfect time to do it! While the kids are busy in school, the furkids can be, too!
Please remember, with the arrival of school days, drive careful, be sure to watch out for the hu-kids walking, stop for those school buses, and keep an extra eye on your furkids to be sure they don’t slip out the open doors as the kids leave for, and return home from, school! And be sure all collar tags and microchip info is up-to-date!


"Oh, but wait...does that mean we have to empty the pool now?"